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Sales are the basis of any business. Business development and understanding of sales processes provide financial stability, inflow of new customers, company's development, determination of the direction of activity, formation of company's goals and vision. That is why sales are more than just a department. Sales are more than mere knowledge of individual employees. Sales are the basis without which your business simply can not exist.

We have developed the Business Development course with the desire to convey the importance of this direction in business, the value of understanding the structure of processes and all their components. Corporate strategy is a benchmark. Next comes Marketing: Definition and Understanding of our Client. Lead Generation, Engagement, Negotiations. All stages in the course are presented by separate lectures, which are taught by experts with practical experience. The course is designed for companies' chiefs who want to set up processes within the company. It will also be useful for those who work in business development, namely in marketing, sales, engagement and account management.

The course is divided into 12 lectures and 2 workshops. The quality of teaching this everyone's favorite course remains unchanged. Most teachers are already familiar to graduates of the LITS BDA School. And ones who you'll see for the first time will bring a new and fresh look at the main subject of our research and discussion - the successful sales of IT services. Looking forward to seeing you at the course.

Director of BDA School LITS, Orysya Sklyar.

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Strategy (+Define Your Strategy)
What is the strategy and how does it affect your company future? Let's cover the most common challenges that companies face while thinking about the strategy. Learn about market principles, Discuss possible strategy approaches and take a look at real examples.
What is the innovation and how it affects company growth? Let's take a look at the history of different business, understand what makes great companies fail and learn how not to follow their steps and use the innovation for your own growth.
Customer Journey
What your potential client go through while engaging with your company? Let's take a basic, yet most effective tool for business to address business issues and leverage your strengths.
Why a client was or wasn't persuaded to buy your product or services? Let's learn how to make a right Win/Loss analysis. Understand what reasons could be, what channels can be used and get some tips and tricks to have the maximum out of this activity.
Brand and Buyers Customer Centric Marketing.
The lecture "Brand and Buyers. Customer Centric Marketing." The transformation of the role of marketing and its modern features in Ukrainian IT industry. How to build a valuable brand in conditions of high competition and information noise? What are the strategic marketing tools for service business distinguished by? Answers to these questions you will hear in this lecture, as well as the stories of success and failure of the brands. The distinguishes of strategic marketing tools for service business. Success stories and failure of different brands.
Customer Decision Journey. Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
Lecture "Customer Decision Journey. Inbound and Outbound Marketing." The up-to-date cycle of sales is a fluid path controlled by the buyer. How to interact with a potential buyer at each stage of the Customer Decision Journey using marketing tools? How to choose between Inbound- and Outbound-Approach? How to design a brand-person and what is it for? These are themes of the second lecture of the marketing module.
Marketing Workshop provides an opportunity to understand and take on the role of marketer in IT business. From theory to practice - participants will test their skills in developing brand positioning and marketing strategies based on the company profiles provided.
Sales Process
What is the relationship between marketing and sales? Why is the sales process starting with a corporate strategy? How to build an effective sales process and, at the same time, which roles should an effective team of the BizDev department consist of.
Lead Generation
Lead generation. Involving a new potential customer is actually the most difficult stage of sales. How to build a system so that potential customers go to your place? What is a sales pipeline and which channels can new customers be attracted through? This is in the Lead Generation lecture.
Customer Engagement
The lecture is aimed at giving an understanding of who Engagement Manager is, what kind of skills is required and why he is an integral part of the sales process. In addition, we will look at typical issues on the way to the development of the company, discuss the gaps in the Sales and Delivery collaboration, as well as how to avoid them in order to sign realistic contracts and not to make unprofitable projects.
Have you ever ask yourself what price is right? If yes, and you not sure yet, let's talk about what approaches can be utilized for pricing, which one is right for you and understand how pricing affects your financial KPIs overall.
PM & Sales
How to make an unrefuseable proposal to the customer and how to make it more profitable for you? This is not a utopia, but quite a possible thing if you understand well what the customer expects, how to judge it and where to find the reserves for implementation. You can find out more about the above at the "Engagement: Estimations" lesson.
Negotiations are a kind art. Ways of getting out of non-standard situations, asking "uncomfortable" questions and making a customer buy your services. We'll talk about the techniques and approaches doring the lecture on negotiations.
Final Workshop
The final 3-hour workshop aims to consolidate the knowledge in practice. During the workshop, the group is going to work all stages of the process step by step, evaluates the target client, create a proposal and try to sell it. Lecturers will try to recreate the situation

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